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Havoc-OS is an after-market firmware based on Android Open Source Project, inspired by Google Pixel with a refined Material Design 2 UI. We offer a smooth and stable experience for your device with a selected set of amazing features that provide an exceptional user experience.

Our ROM is available for over 150+ Devices across 20+ OEMs.

Generic System Images (GSI) are available so you can try out our ROM even if your device isn't currently supported. Our device roster keeps growing with support for more devices added every month.

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4.12 December Update
Havoc-OS 4.12 Update is out now!
    GeneralSAUEB72022-02-21 09:52:45.857Z
    4.11 November Update
    Havoc-OS 4.11 Update is out now!
      GeneralSWAD42021-12-02 18:07:57.894Z
      4.10 October Update
      Havoc-OS 4.10 Update is out now!
        GeneralSDSFB102021-11-01 03:15:42.853Z
        4.9 September Update
        Havoc-OS 4.9 Update is out now!
          GeneralSBAAA172021-10-26 07:26:58.591Z
          Welcome to this community
          Havoc-OS is an after-market firmware based on Android Open Source Project, inspired by Google Pixel with a refined Material Design 2 UI. We offer a smooth and stable experience for your device with a selected set of amazing features that provide an e...
            GeneralSBFW102021-10-19 14:09:28.523Z
            Moto G6 Ali
            make it official predecessor @ VitorG_28 Telegram
              GeneralA02022-05-13 03:27:56.812Z
              GeneralL02022-05-08 02:23:06.086Z
              bug in livedisplay IPictureAdjustment
              Hello, First I wish to thank you for your excellent work, this ROM is the best of everything I have tried so far ! I have cleanly installed OS Havoc-OS-v4.16-20220423-vayu-Official-GApps on my POCO X3 Pro (vayu). While my phone was asleep, I was exam...
                GeneralM02022-05-04 08:06:39.384Z
                Is the Havoc OS version with AOSP apps completly free/open source software
                  GeneralM02022-05-02 20:36:38.085Z
                  Lag when screen capturing - Poco m3 (juice) A11
                  Whenever i try to use the screen recorder it lags the entire UI and gets messy. I was wondering if i can somehow get this fixed. I've also tried to use Third-party recorders but still the same thing happens only when recording in 1080p and a little b...
                    GeneralN02022-04-26 02:16:58.497Z
                    Explain icons...
                    Inspect Devices using Google Chrome
                    Hi! I have a Poco x3 Pro (vayu), and I have installed the lastest version of Havoc OS (4.16). My problem is that my Android device is not recognized by Inspect Devices in Google Chrome, and I cannot remotely debug an app. I have installed all the nec...
                      GeneralJ02022-04-24 18:09:42.894Z
                      "Adaptive Charging" Feature not working
                      My device is a Poco X3 NFC (surya) and I currently have the latest Havoc OS version Installed. The Adaptive Charging feature does not seem to work at all. I have the "Restriction Mode" set to "Battery percentage and Temperature" but said restrictions...
                        GeneralD02022-04-02 04:19:57.073Z
                        Custom rom for Redmi Note 10s
                        There is no custom rom for Redmi Note 10s. Will havoc-os create one for it?
                          GeneralSR12022-03-18 15:06:27.311Z
                          Cant find text selection from recent apps please help
                          Please help ...I'm using rooted poco F1 with the latest update from Feb 24/2022 V4.14 and when i press the recent apps button there's no text selection option like before but after the update it's not there anymore...thanks in advance
                            GeneralR02022-03-01 02:46:55.170Z
                            problem in building havoc rom from source
                            hello friends. i'm trying to build havoc 11 from source. i downloaded source code. i clone my device kernel and device tree. i clone havoc vendor repo from github. but i have thsiserror on final step (brunch step). this is my error. what should i do ...
                              GeneralM02022-02-28 11:48:55.044Z
                              GeneralM202022-02-23 23:48:06.702Z
                              update by OTA? or not ? 4.9 lavender redmi note 7
                              I have a question but first congratulate you for the work you do, my question is I have havoc 4.9 Sep last year, which is on your website too, and there are more versions but it's time to format etc, more or less how long does it take to get one OTA ...
                                GeneralJ02022-02-21 19:50:40.084Z
                                I really like Havoc OS, but now Havoc OS no longer updates for Xiaomi Mi 9 :(
                                Havoc OS don't abandon Xiaomi mi 9, please update Havoc OS version for Xiaomi Mi 9 with. Thanks Admin for watching!.
                                  GeneralL02022-02-20 15:01:53.991Z
                                  Desktop mode
                                  The ability to display the correct desktop as Samsung dex
                                    IdeasS202022-02-18 06:15:35.905Z
                                    Havoc-os for Nokia 8v 5G uw
                                    Is there anyone interested?
                                      IdeasA202022-02-17 11:32:31.407Z
                                      ONEPLUS 9R FINGERPRINT NOT WORKING
                                      PLEASE HELP HAVOC OS 4.13
                                        GeneralJ202022-02-16 17:31:31.246Z
                                        Viability of Generic System Images (GSI) for daily use
                                        Hello! I just wanted to clarify on the functionality of the GSI for daily use. I have a device that is currently unsupported - the Motorola Moto G40 Fusion - and as Motorola is notorious for slow updates and lackluster long-term support, I've been lo...
                                          GeneralG02022-02-11 13:34:29.571Z
                                          Can you make for Asus Zenfone 4 Max Pro ZC554KL/ x00i?
                                          I have old x00i. Can you make havoc available for this phone. Thank you very much πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.
                                            GeneralI02022-02-04 13:37:04.979Z
                                            Issues still not resolved
                                            I've been using havoc os in poco f1 from version v4.11. Some issues are not yet resolved. When I'm in a call in any app the proximity sensor turns off the screen but the buttons are still able to be accessed. If I was holding the phone near the face ...
                                              DevicesS302022-02-03 07:57:29.791Z
                                              Sim card stops being recognized randomly
                                              Hello, I've discovered this OS and installed it on my Blackview BV6800 Pro and I'm really happy of that! I've however an anoying bug that I want to fix: sometimes the phone doesn't recognize randomly the sim card. That is I can call someone and few m...
                                                DevicesM222022-01-28 09:15:17.898Z
                                                Havoc OS for Samsung A10s
                                                Been waiting till a10s havoc to release but still hasn't can you guys make 1 for it it's been 2 years
                                                  GeneralT02022-01-12 04:30:42.968Z
                                                  I need help please havoc os 3.9 note 4x mido
                                                  Help i have havoc os 3.9 Android 10 in /mido And i need to revoke the permissions in my Phone. But that options does not appear. How can i do? I cant go back to the stock rom because i cant enter fastboot Mode because the volume buttons dont Work for...
                                                    GeneralD202022-01-05 00:55:13.106Z
                                                    Havoc-OS v4.11 | Official | Android 11 | Issue Must Fix
                                                    Please Must Added Battery Manager β€’ a battery saver profile customization app β€’ Moved here everything that's battery related β€’ Added Battery Saver Profiles β€’ Added Battery Saver Profile customization β€’ Added Smart Charge[This feature has been missing...
                                                      GeneralM02021-12-17 22:54:46.984Z
                                                      Black screen on havoc os v3.1
                                                      Guys please help me , i use lenovo vibe k5 plus and install rom havoc os 3.1 after few days my phone blackscreen. My phone still wake but is black. I must put my battery to fix it and its bother me. Do you guys have any solution?
                                                        GeneralY02021-12-08 12:31:50.991Z
                                                        Realme 5 Pro (RMX1971) November Update Is Out Now!
                                                        Havoc-OS 4.11 Update For Realme 5 Pro (RMX1971) Is Out Now! Download Link: Source Changelog: 4.11 November Update Device Changelog: β€’ Kernel upstreamed to 4.9.290 β€’ Made UI smoother. β€’ Disabled Vsync for CPU...
                                                          DevicesK02021-11-17 10:37:40.543Z
                                                          Havoc OS for Redmi note 10 Pro/ Pro max {Sweet}
                                                          Please do develop Havoc OS for Redmi note 10 Pro/ Pro max {Sweet}..
                                                            GeneralA202021-11-12 17:42:57.055Z
                                                            Xiaomi Redmi 3S/3X [land] September Update
                                                            Havoc-OS 4.9 Update For Xiaomi Redmi 3S/3X Is Out Now! Download Link: Device Changelog: β€’ Kernel Upstreamed to v4.9.282 β€’ Added sound control settings β€’ Fixed vilte and many ...
                                                              DevicesSI12021-11-04 14:31:44.318Z
                                                              Realme 5 Pro (RMX1971) October Update Is Out Now!
                                                              Havoc-OS 4.10 Update For Realme 5 Pro (RMX1971) Is Out Now! Download Link: Source Changelog: 4.10 October Update Enjoy Flashing!
                                                                DevicesK02021-10-26 15:12:43.769Z
                                                                OnePlus 6T |6 |Fajita | Enchilada update is Here ! (26/10/2021) #Weeklies
                                                                **Havoc-OS 4.9 Update For OnePlus 6T |6 |Fajita | Enchilada Is Out Now! OnePlus 6 Download Link : OnePlus 6T Download Link : Source Changelog: Dev...
                                                                  DevicesV02021-10-26 12:26:53.940Z
                                                                  Seedvault as Backup Solution
                                                                  I really like Havoc OS and have been using it on my OnePlus3 for years. Thanks for all the work! So far my (data) backup strategy is a combination of Nandroid backups before every update (~so almost every month) and a mirroring of photos and importan...
                                                                    IdeasJ02021-10-11 18:59:14.576Z
                                                                    OnePlus 6T |6 |Fajita | Enchilada update is Here ! (10/10/2021)
                                                                    Havoc-OS 4.9 Update For OnePlus 6T |6 |Fajita | Enchilada Is Out Now! OnePlus 6 Download Link : OnePlus 6T Download Link : **Source Changelog: ** 4.9 September Update Device Cha...
                                                                      DevicesV02021-10-11 12:48:12.323Z
                                                                      Havoc os on Oxygen OS 11
                                                                      Hey everyone, I'm on OnePlus 7 pro, Oxygen os 11. How to install havoc os, there is no twrp recovery for android 11 or oxygen os 11. Pls help me out with a detailed tutorial, this one's my first time.
                                                                        GeneralS202021-10-09 08:23:55.786Z
                                                                        backup and restore system settings (version 2.8 on pixel 3)
                                                                        On my Pixel 3, I am running Havoc-OS version 2.8 (Android version 9), the highest version I am currently able to install, owing to TWRP not being available on this device in any version exceeding 3.3.x, needed to support Android versions 10.x or high...
                                                                          GeneralB02021-10-08 19:33:33.331Z
                                                                          lock apps
                                                                          hey one small bug. when i lock any app and hold press on it ( show shourtcut pills) E.G whatsapp, contacts name remain visible not hidden so consider hiding those if possible.
                                                                            General02021-10-02 08:31:55.845Z
                                                                            Long screenshot
                                                                            Please consider add long screenshot shot for next or future build. I believe everyone is like this feature. Thanks.
                                                                              IdeasI02021-09-30 23:04:04.521Z