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Problem on App Lock option.

By Saurab Thakur @Saurabthakur4
    2021-08-15 09:01:44.420Z

    I found a little problem, If we set app lock for any App it became 'System app'.
    And then we can't set Timer for that app in Digital Well-being and cannot uninstall that app also.
    Not being able to set Timer is a big problem!!

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      Sangeeth Sujith @thejohnwick
        2021-08-22 06:41:30.849Z

        To uninstall the app disable applock for the app

        1. SSaurab Thakur @Saurabthakur4
            2021-08-24 17:33:59.889Z

            I know that, uninstalling is not my issue.
            I want the app lock and digital wellbing timer on that app at same time.