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4.9 September Update

By Anushek Prasal @SKULSHADY
    2021-09-25 13:42:09.396Z

    Havoc-OS 4.9 Update is out now!

    We have now shifted to an automated build system to provide weekly updates for all our supported devices. We require a little bit of time to move all of our devices to automated releases. The release for this month will be delayed for a few devices. And some will start receiving the updates soon. Here are the changes in the upcoming build.

    Havoc-OS v4.9 Changelog 25-09-2021:

    • Merged September Security Patch (android-11.0.0_r43)
    • Added ability to lock apps in recents
    • Added back Screenshot notification
    • Added Battery health
    • Added OxygenOS lock screen clock
    • Added App drawer opacity setting to Launcher
    • Added Local installation support in Updater
    • Added Custom rounded corner settings
    • Added Legacy WFD output video mode settings
    • Added Status bar notification ticker
    • Added New Gaming Mode overlay
    • Added toggle for anti-falsing on the lock screen
    • Added toggle for IME button space
    • Added Preferred refresh rate settings
    • Added One shot auto-brightness
    • Added FOD press animation
    • Added toggle to hide display cut-out
    • Improved FPS info
    • Improved Charging stats on lock screen
    • Improved DataSwitchTile
    • Improved Lock screen pulse
    • Improved Type lock screen clock
    • Improved Screen recorder
    • Improved Status bar burn in protection
    • Improved Twilight Service
    • Improved Night Mode
    • Improved Settings search bar layout
    • Fixed overlays resetting on reboot
    • Fixed package cache errors on user builds
    • Fixed Network Traffic visibility on Status bar
    • Fixed charging vibration for some devices
    • Fixed Screen-off Camera gesture
    • Reduced NotificationHistoryDatabase logspam
    • Restored AOSP Wi-Fi Display
    • Disabled all-caps for smart reply button text
    • Removed random text on some Wi-Fi SSID

    You can support the work we do by contributing towards this project. This will help us pay for the servers and other infrastructure to deliver timely updates moving forward. Here's our link:
    UPI/Google Pay (India): [email protected]

    • 17 replies
    1. O
      In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
      Rafif Ghifari @OANY
        2021-09-25 13:49:15.717Z

        use the sixteen/ryzen kernel so that there are more people who download if quick silver is not good for games

        1. B
          In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
            2021-09-25 13:53:17.009Z

            it's nice to see the development of this rom. but i wanna know if this will be available for redmi y2(ysl). It would be very nice to see that.

            1. M
              In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
              modol morot @modomorot
                2021-09-25 14:44:10.842Z

                please add clear all oos style

                1. In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
                  Comment deleted
                  1. H@HotWingsAndBeer
                      2021-09-25 21:55:43.416Z

                      No thank yous, just a bunch of "I wants". 🙄

                      1. MShashank @malfunctixn
                          2021-09-26 04:49:35.812Z

                          Just flash evox my guy. Leave havoc alone. 😭

                          1. ASarabaan @amak0995
                              2021-09-26 06:50:42.332Z

                              Bruh, edge lighting added a long time ago, also too much feature you want, go to another cusrom like corvus or build your own havoc unofficial rom

                              1. Dipanjan Manna @Villdoxxx_2000
                                  2021-09-26 07:37:58.084Z2021-09-26 07:58:59.548Z

                                  Bro I'm not saying or forcing the devs. for adding all the features. If they can then good if don't, let it be. But atleast add features those were present on 3.12. It's already a stable ROM & it's my fav. And regarding features if possible then add I'm not forcing the devs. Atleast fix the existing features.

                              2. H
                                In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
                                  2021-09-25 21:56:20.447Z

                                  Thanks for all the work and time invested into this ROM, definitely the best!

                                  1. R
                                    In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
                                      2021-09-26 02:40:07.347Z

                                      Thanks for this great rom one of the best, a small request can u fix OnePlus 3 stock camera video recording. It crashes in 1080 30fps and giving error in 1080 60fps only 4k works apart from that everything works.

                                      1. R
                                        In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:

                                        Awesome 😍😍😍

                                        1. T
                                          In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
                                          Sangeeth Sujith @thejohnwick
                                            2021-09-26 10:01:36.557Z

                                            Superb update . Now it just need to be stable af

                                            1. N
                                              In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
                                              Nahid Imam @nahidimam
                                                2021-09-27 00:11:07.443Z2021-09-27 12:46:41.626Z

                                                Add data disable icon on/off toggle,
                                                Add statusbar style ( black/transparent)
                                                Change auto brightness icon position to beside slider.
                                                Add an option for old setting searchbar like 3.12,
                                                i think many people will love it.

                                                This changes will make havoc more beautiful, and it should be done.

                                                1. Z
                                                  In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
                                                  zeUS @zeUS
                                                    2021-09-27 19:58:21.951Z

                                                    Goo job! 😎

                                                    1. A
                                                      In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
                                                      Abhishek Hembrom @abhishekhembrom08
                                                        2021-09-29 02:43:57.473Z

                                                        I'm happy with the build just that I'm waiting for havoc recovery and ginkgo build and the next thing is closer to oxygen os.

                                                        1. M
                                                          In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
                                                          modol morot @modomorot
                                                            2021-10-02 12:11:16.829Z

                                                            please add feature clear all notif oss 🙏🙏

                                                            1. T2
                                                              In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
                                                              rizwan shaikh @Tiger
                                                                2021-10-25 16:58:58.498Z

                                                                I have redmi 4x santoni can I install this rom if yes where is download link

                                                                1. A
                                                                  In reply toSKULSHADY⬆:
                                                                  Almond Cacao @Almondcacao
                                                                    2021-10-26 07:26:58.591Z


                                                                    1. Progress
                                                                    2. S@SKULSHADYpinned this topic 2021-09-25 13:42:37.495Z.