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OnePlus 6T |6 |Fajita | Enchilada update is Here ! (10/10/2021)

By OptimussPriime @Vikas
    2021-10-11 12:48:12.323Z

    Havoc-OS 4.9 Update For OnePlus 6T |6 |Fajita | Enchilada Is Out Now!

    OnePlus 6 Download Link :
    OnePlus 6T Download Link :
    **Source Changelog: ** 4.9 September Update

    Device Changelog:

    Sync to v4.9 version of HAVOC-OS (No October security patch)
    Added lineage oneplus/hardware changes
    Fixed adaptive charging drep
    Update to latest PRIMUS kernel
    oos camera few fixes
    Nuked some livedisplay parts
    More under the hood performance Improvements

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