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Seedvault as Backup Solution

By Jan Wagner @jwalhorn
    2021-10-11 18:59:14.576Z

    I really like Havoc OS and have been using it on my OnePlus3 for years. Thanks for all the work!
    So far my (data) backup strategy is a combination of Nandroid backups before every update (~so almost every month) and a mirroring of photos and important folders using SyncThing.
    Backing up the apps and app data automatically currently only works with root, as far as I know, which I don't consider oiptimal.
    Apparently, LineageOS and other custom roms have implemented an open-source solution for backing up data with seedvault, which does not require root, but should be integrated directly into the system (ROM). That would be a very desirable feature in my opinion.

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