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4.10 October Update

By Anushek Prasal @SKULSHADY
    2021-10-24 12:40:28.379Z

    Havoc-OS 4.10 Update is out now!

    This release brings to you the October Security Patch. Work on Android 12 will begin shortly and the official devices that we add to our automation process will continue to receive monthly security patch updates for Android 11 for 6-12 months. November Update will most likely be the last feature update that we have to offer for Android 11. Builds will be uploaded and released starting today.

    You can support the work we do by contributing towards this project. This will help us pay for the servers and other infrastructure to deliver timely updates moving forward. Here's our link:
    UPI/Google Pay (India): [email protected]

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    1. S
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      Comment deleted
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        1. SNawaz Shaikh @Shaiiaz
            2021-10-24 13:19:16.887Z

            Yeah! My fav ROM

          • In reply toShaiiaz:
            MMohit Kumar @mohit_guru
              2021-10-24 15:20:06.862Z

              where is the changelog btw?

            • A
              In reply toSKULSHADY:
              ABHIJIT KARMAKAR @Ak00747
                2021-10-24 15:55:56.271Z

                Please update A12 for k20pro/raphaelin...

                1. F
                  In reply toSKULSHADY:
                  ahmad fawaid @fwd
                    2021-10-25 03:44:52.115Z

                    Waiting for olive update :)

                    1. D
                      In reply toSKULSHADY:
                      Jarsi @Doggystar
                        2021-10-25 07:45:58.159Z

                        Which phones is this official devices that we add to our automation process?

                        1. O
                          In reply toSKULSHADY:
                          Pranav Krishna Unni @OmShriPranavJi
                            2021-10-25 14:25:57.177Z

                            I'm a big fan of Havoc OS. Really Great work. Just had 2 questions.
                            Who is the developer in charge of beryllium?
                            Will beryllium be included in the Havoc Android 12 release?

                            Thanks & Regards.

                            1. T
                              In reply toSKULSHADY:
                              rizwan shaikh @Tiger
                                2021-10-25 16:44:49.553Z

                                Where is download link

                                1. D2
                                  In reply toSKULSHADY:
                                  Sushant Gupta @drhbk
                                    2021-10-25 19:07:46.131Z

                                    Can there any avb custom file created by which we can lock bootloader too on OnePlus devices

                                    1. L
                                      In reply toSKULSHADY:
                                      Leif @L31FY
                                        2021-10-31 07:40:36.524Z

                                        Are comments going to continue to be censored and deleted or is there actually going to be a response made to the lack of GSI support? I almost can't believe the nerve.

                                        1. B
                                          In reply toSKULSHADY:
                                          Кросс Кристи @Bora
                                            2021-11-01 03:15:42.853Z

                                            Когда будет следующий обновления?

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                                            2. S@SKULSHADYpinned this topic 2021-10-24 12:41:45.026Z.