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4.11 November Update

By Anushek Prasal @SKULSHADY
    2021-11-14 09:44:42.143Z

    Havoc-OS 4.11 Update is out now!

    This release brings to you the November Security Patch update. The last feature update for Android 11 will be released in the last week of November or the first week of December. Android 12 based Havoc-OS 5.x will be released in January. The initial list of devices supported by us for 5.x will be released in the last week of December. Stay tuned!

    You can support the work we do by contributing towards this project. This will help us pay for the servers and other infrastructure to deliver timely updates moving forward. Here's our link:
    UPI/Google Pay (India): anushekp[email protected]

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    1. In reply toSKULSHADY:
      Dipanjan Manna @Villdoxxx_2000
        2021-11-14 10:01:33.359Z

        Wallpaper based theming coming in A11?

        1. A
          In reply toSKULSHADY:
          Aaders Jagdeo @Aaders
            2021-11-14 11:03:21.301Z

            Hope to see official gsis of this❤we have been waiting for so long now💔

            1. WAndrew York @wardane
                2021-11-30 17:47:41.853Z

                Yes! Please that would be fantastic.

              • D
                In reply toSKULSHADY:
                Justin Ellis @dubmastr88
                  2021-12-02 18:07:57.894Z

                  I flashed the new update and now I can't use wifi

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