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Havoc-OS v4.11 | Official | Android 11 | Issue Must Fix

By Mega Putular @megaputular
    2021-12-17 22:45:29.080Z2021-12-17 22:54:46.984Z

    Please Must Added Battery Manager
    • a battery saver profile customization app
    • Moved here everything that's battery related
    • Added Battery Saver Profiles
    • Added Battery Saver Profile customization
    • Added Smart Charge[This feature has been missing since android 11, why?]😭
    • Added Smart Cut-off [This feature has been missing since android 11, why?]😭

    Please remove bugs after deleting an app, app data and clear cache!

    • When I'm deleting an application, it often happens that the system'.ui has stopped, while clearing the cache it also happens, it's very annoying.
    Given that I am a loyal user of this Havoc Rom for the last few years, with the existing improvements, after seeing this slight downgrade I am very sad and a little disappointed.
    I hope it can be fixed soon by the keeper of this Rom, warm greetings from me.
    Heinz Der Flugel (heinzdf) @heinzdf

    I'm really looking forward to the update on the Battery cut, thank you.
    Device: Redmi Note 5A ugglite and ugg version. I use both

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