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4.12 December Update

By Anushek Prasal @SKULSHADY
    2021-12-20 18:04:31.836Z

    Havoc-OS 4.12 Update is out now!

    This release brings to you the December Security Patch. This is the last feature update for Android 11 and with it I would like to thank you all for showing your support. Full changelog is listed below.

    With this release I would like to announce a new program that we have in store for our users. It's called Havoc-OS LTS (Long Term Support) which extends to our Android 11 builds. Under this program, the supported devices will continue to receive Android Security Updates for a minimum of 6 months. This might be extended to a year or more depending upon the userbase and the support shown by you all and if our infrastructure allows for it. The supported devices list will be released with next month's security update. GSI for the same will be made available soon. We had a few issues with it in the past and would like to test it internally for some time until it's ready for release.

    Work on Android 12 will begin after we complete the December release cycle i.e. in a couple of days. I would once again like to thank you all for your patience and request you to stay tuned for the release. I won't be giving out a release date for it yet as Havoc-OS 5.x based on Android 12 will only be released once it's stable enough to be used as your daily driver rather than publically releasing half baked beta builds. However I will be assembling a team of testers with various devices to try it out in a closed beta testing stage to ensure the quality of the ROM.

    Havoc-OS v4.12 Changelog 20-12-2021:

    • Merged December Security Patch
    • Added Wallpaper based Theming
    • Added On-The-Go Mode
    • Added Flashlight blink for incoming calls
    • Added Android 12 clock
    • Added toggle to disable swipes on Ambient display
    • Added Recents task locking
    • Added Sensors QS tile
    • Added Ambient Display Visualizer
    • Added rounded corners for PIP window
    • Added Idle background process killer
    • Added toggle to mute media volume with alert slider
    • Updated ShadyQuickStep to Version 11-2021.11.28
    • Improved QS footer layout on RTL
    • Improved Edge Lighting
    • Improved layout of left aligned clocks
    • Improved Gaming Mode
    • Improved Updater
    • Improved Network Traffic
    • Improved Notification Ticker
    • Improved Statusbar Logo
    • Enabled UI Blur by default
    • Moved blur toggle to Display Settings
    • Disabled some useless debugging
    • Other fixes and improvements

    As we've expanded our infrastructure to provide regular quality updates. We need your support now more than ever. You can support the work we do by contributing towards this project. This will help us pay for the servers and other infrastructure. Here's our link:
    UPI/Google Pay (India): [email protected]

    • 8 replies
    1. A
      In reply toSKULSHADY:
      AJ Styles @ajstyles2333
        2021-12-21 15:17:15.283Z

        Bro please try to find new maintainer for asus max pro m1

        1. P
          In reply toSKULSHADY:
          Андрей Павлов @Pavloff86
            2021-12-21 17:10:57.192Z

            Good day friend. We can wait havoc 4.12 for xiaomi mi note 10 lite?

            1. M
              In reply toSKULSHADY:
              Mario Philippe @mario2022
                2021-12-25 17:32:06.056Z

                i have a bug in mic there is echo in my voice all my callers listen to my voice Twice

                1. U
                  In reply toSKULSHADY:
                  Udhaya @udhaya
                    2021-12-29 12:32:04.077Z

                    Thanks for the amazing ROM , its really great to hear about LTS and we're eagerly waiting for the Havoc 5x with patience

                    1. B
                      In reply toSKULSHADY:
                        2022-01-02 05:15:30.069Z

                        Hello, I want to know if you have a rom for Sony zx2. I previously saw the Sony zx1 compact.... don't see it anymore.

                        1. E
                          In reply toSKULSHADY:
                          hugo vazquez @elhugo3
                            2022-01-22 01:35:56.557Z

                            Hi,. I'm new here. Flashed in mi note 10 lite. And have screen flickering. Any way to solve it? Thanks

                            1. B
                              In reply toSKULSHADY:
                              BJ Panga @bjpanga
                                2022-02-21 09:52:45.857Z

                                When will Android 12 Based Version arrived???

                                1. Z
                                  In reply toSKULSHADY:
                                  Zizu亗 @zizu
                                    2023-01-19 16:25:27.339Z

                                    buold rom havoc os for redmi 10c (fog)

                                    1. Progress
                                    2. S@SKULSHADYpinned this topic 2021-12-20 18:05:32.533Z.