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Viability of Generic System Images (GSI) for daily use

By @grapplinghooks
    2022-02-11 13:34:29.571Z

    Hello! I just wanted to clarify on the functionality of the GSI for daily use. I have a device that is currently unsupported - the Motorola Moto G40 Fusion - and as Motorola is notorious for slow updates and lackluster long-term support, I've been looking into installing a custom ROM.

    However, my device seems to not be supported by any current AOSP ROM as it was only released in my country of India. I have been considering either using the GSI for Havoc or learning how to compile the ROM for my own device.

    TL;DR Can I use the GSI as a daily driver? If not, how would I go about porting Havoc to my device?

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