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Welcome to this community

By System @system
    2021-08-13 04:34:45.888Z2021-08-13 04:40:54.397Z

    Havoc-OS is an after-market firmware based on Android Open Source Project, inspired by Google Pixel with a refined Material Design 2 UI. We offer a smooth and stable experience for your device with a selected set of amazing features that provide an exceptional user experience.

    Our ROM is available for over 150+ Devices across 20+ OEMs.

    Generic System Images (GSI) are available so you can try out our ROM even if your device isn't currently supported. Our device roster keeps growing with support for more devices added every month.

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    1. B
      Bicet @Bicet
        2021-08-14 10:58:49.115Z

        Thanks for creating it ^_^

        1. F
          In reply tosystem:
          Farrukh Seyer Hasan @farrukh2002
            2021-08-14 11:03:15.130Z

            We now have a forum yaay🤗

            1. T
              In reply tosystem:
              Sangeeth Sujith @thejohnwick
                2021-08-14 11:06:32.850Z

                Suggestion : If there was all customisation features from havoc 3.x in 4.x it would be nice . I have noticed that the battery backup of 4.x is lower than 3.x .

                1. K
                  In reply tosystem:
                  Khoa Nguyễn @Khoa
                    2021-08-14 11:07:37.217Z

                    hi. waitting rom for k30 5g :3

                    1. N
                      In reply tosystem:
                      Noé @Noe
                        2021-08-14 11:21:36.124Z


                        1. D
                          In reply tosystem:
                          Jarsi @Doggystar
                            2021-08-14 18:55:08.215Z

                            Nice one 👍🏼😊

                            1. L
                              In reply tosystem:
                              Leo Saiianc @Leo
                                2021-08-15 21:22:12.431Z


                                1. W
                                  In reply tosystem:
                                  Mattman @WheresMyWhat
                                    2021-08-27 00:25:35.201Z

                                    Great to be here. Hopefully I can find some very elusive answers lol
                                    I've been searching almost 2 years for a solid root, custom recovery and custom ROM 6 for my Umidigi S5 Pro. I hope someone can point me in the right direction (pray)

                                    1. In reply tosystem:
                                      Sanam @sanam
                                        2021-09-30 06:58:34.010Z

                                        Thank you! ⚡

                                        1. W
                                          In reply tosystem:
                                          Mattman @WheresMyWhat
                                            2021-10-19 14:09:28.523Z

                                            I've been searching for a custom ROM for my Umidigi S5 Pro and have no idea what your OS names translate to, can you help me?

                                            1. A
                                              In reply tosystem:
                                              Artur Dzido @ArtD
                                                2022-12-11 13:36:35.276Z

                                                Hello There, I wonder whether you still support galaxy note 3 (hlte version)? thx