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"Adaptive Charging" Feature not working

By Dick @dickformsss
    2022-04-02 04:19:57.073Z

    My device is a Poco X3 NFC (surya) and I currently have the latest Havoc OS version Installed.

    The Adaptive Charging feature does not seem to work at all. I have the "Restriction Mode" set to "Battery percentage and Temperature" but said restrictions does not seem to work. My settings are always on default. I have my settings set to stop charging at 80% and pause the charging at 40°C, but despite these settings applied, this feature does not seem to work at all. The devices just charges normally and tries to charge at 100% despite the restriction and the temperature going above 44°C.

    Note that I have also tried messing with the settings for this feature but nothing seems to work. It's just completely broken from my observation.

    I have tested this on both Havoc version 4.14 and the current latest release (as of posting this) version 4.15.

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