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Inspect Devices using Google Chrome

By Osmar Bautista @JoseBuag
    2022-04-24 18:09:42.894Z

    Hi! I have a Poco x3 Pro (vayu), and I have installed the lastest version of Havoc OS (4.16).

    My problem is that my Android device is not recognized by Inspect Devices in Google Chrome, and I cannot remotely debug an app. I have installed all the necessary drivers to make a successful connection between my computer and my Android device (This is the documentation that I have followed:
    The only thing that appears is the model of my device in the inspect devices section in Chrome, and if I have USB debugging enabled and my device is recognized when I do it by cli when I do the adb devices.

    Has anyone had the same problem and how do I solve it?

    And this also happens in Hacos OS 4.15 version.

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