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Moto one 5g ace (kiev) rom version difference and state?

By Matt @matt
    2023-01-16 20:32:35.913Z

    I see a 5.7 build available at but the latest on the download page indicates 4.19. I searched the forum for what the difference might be but came up empty. Not finding much of anything on the 5.7 build on the forum at all. I decided to try it out and so far its functional but some things are missing like the ability to turn off the charging notification light or provide a battery percentage in the top status bar. I have the impression that this 5.7 rom is a beta release for android 12 since the 4.* series all seems to be android 11 according to other posts. I'm happy to test and report issues if that is the case. I'd just like to know one way or another for certain. I'm also curious if there will be ota updates for 5.* ?

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